“Why musicians should have their instruments cleaned professionally”

A clean horn is a healthy horn!

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology is a modern environmentally safe approach that not just rinses the instruments but thoroughly removes the calcium buildup in a horn.

Through time, calcium/organic materials build up inside a horn. This is contamination to the metal and in time causes the metal to oxidize and metal failure occurs.

An Ultrasonic cleaning removes deposits of old oil and grease, corrosion, and plaque deposits from the interior of your instrument. Instruments should be professionally cleaned yearly.

Although periodic cleaning or flushing of your instrument at home has it’s benefits, the Ultrasonic cleaning process can effectively remove all the internal and external contamination much more thoroughly than you can at home.

Here at High Note we do not use any acid chemicals to clean your instrument. We have a large double tank system that incorporates this ultrasonic cleaning system, with biodegradable solution only. This solution is very safe on lacquer and silver finishes. Once your instrument is cleaned, it is then rinsed in clean fresh water.

We also have a small table top version for small parts/keys etc.

Here’s a little info on ultrasonic cleaners at Wikipedia.