Ask about used horns. They come and go all the time, and do not usually have a chance to get posted here.

SeaWind horns in stock (New)

SeaWind Phil Dwyer Edition Pro Tenor: $4999.00



SeaWind PJ Perry Edition Pro Alto: $3899.00


SeaWind Pro Soprano Sax: $2995.00

SeaWind Pro Baritone Sax: $7299.00

SeaWind Intermediate flute: $499.00

SeaWind intermediate clarinet (new demo): $699.00

SeaWind beginner clarinets: $299.00

Some replacement cases also in stock:

SeaWind Alto cases: $199.99


Replacement ABS clarinet, alto, tenor and baritone cases from $99.00

SeaWind clarinet cases: $75.00

Gator Light weight form fitted Alto case: $169.00

Gator Light weight form fitted trombone case: $189.00

Gator Light weight form fitted Trumpet case: $169.00

Gator light weight form fitted flute case: $99.00



Used mouthpieces always in stock, alto, tenor, clarinet.

We carry a large selection of the Jody Jazz line of mouthpieces. Prices starting from $229.00

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We also carry the Chedeville line of mouthpieces.

Now Carrying the 10MFan Mouthpieces: